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Do you want... ...a pregnancy that feels delicious? ...to be deeply in love and connected with your body, your partner and your baby? ...to feel empowered and at awe with your own divine powers of creation?

3 Rituals to Bring Magic into Your Second Trimester

When I became pregnant this time around, I began drinking maternity tea straight from the beginning. Partly because I felt nauseous all the time and it helped. Partly because my beautiful friend blends the most amazing teas and I was excited to get to try a new one. Establishing a routine of a...


Pregnancy within the Lotus Ambassador Program

PREGNANCY AND BIRTH HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE THE MOST EMPOWERING TRANSITION IN A WOMAN'S LIFE. Much more than an event, pregnancy is a rite of passage, a time of deep soul searching, reaching within, working through fears, doubts, and emerging as a radiant, confident woman. I am now accepting...


3 Powerful Intentions for the First Trimester of Pregnancy

At the beginning of my 3rd pregnancy (2nd baby), I began a morning routine of setting aside a few minutes to slow down, enjoy a cup of tea and set an intention for the day. You can read about how this practice changed my life and my pregnancy here. Today, I want to share with you 3...


How a Mindful Cup of Tea Transformed My Pregnancy

I’m a huge believer that we create our own realities with our thoughts, beliefs and patterns. Because of this, when I get in a rut, I also know that I can get out of a rut. And rutted is just how I found myself at the beginning of 3rd pregnancy. First trimester is notoriously not easy. Like...


5 Books to help you step into a wildly beautiful pregnancy and birth

"She carries the entire universe inside of her, holds the galaxies close to her heart. Her veins are filled with constellations and stardust." -Author Unknown Pregnancy is many many many different things - wonderful, challenging, life-transforming, life-creating, uncomfortable, and...