Welcome Mama

Do you want... ...a pregnancy that feels delicious? ...to be deeply in love and connected with your body, your partner and your baby? ...to feel empowered and at awe with your own divine powers of creation?

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Do you believe in fate? I do. And maybe we were destined to meet.

I believe that you were guided here because when it comes to pregnancy and birth, you want more. More connection. More love of your ever changing body. More peace and preparedness when it comes to the birthing room.

I believe that you were guided here because it is your time to connect to your divine powers of creation to transform your pregnancy, birth and family.

To be reminded, that you are a powerful creator of life and more than ever, you matter. You are enough.

Maybe you're here because your previous pregnancy left you feeling defeated and deflated and you need your sisters to help you rise in the next one.

Maybe this is your first pregnancy and you are struggling to find your voice, honor your deepest desires and get support behind your vision.

Maybe your body aches, you're low on energy and you want to replace your fear of being able to make it to the end with deeply pleasurable rituals that connect you to a feeling of confidence and strength throughout your body. Yes, even pregnancy can feel delicious.

Whatever it is that brought you here, I am here to serve. I am here to remind you of the beautiful, powerful, worthy woman who is aligned with a birth that is perfect and individual to you.

Every woman deserves to feel their spiritual and physical lives unite in a beautiful dance of creation.

Every woman deserves to glow inside and out throughout pregnancy.

I'm am here to help you reside in pure feminine strength, beauty, power, deep connection to yourself, your baby, your family, your partner, your sense of wonder, and your ability to relish a new beautiful body with confidence and gratitude.

Let's get to know each other better.

Download your free pregnancy affirmations here.


The Class


6 weeks of delving into your divine nature, transmuting your fear into courage, embracing your powers to create and stepping into your ability to birth your way.

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